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For now, here is the Stephen Pierce Video – Make sure you leave a comment.

Yeah – This was before I had the hair surgery. Comment on that too LOL :-D

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  1. Asi se hace…That´s what the people in Southamerica are telling you when something is very well.
    Perfect presentation, radiating success, selfconfiance, joy of life. It doesn´t matter what message they have, you will beliefe them. That´s attraction marketing at the top.

  2. All you need to be a successful IM. All together in one course. Absolutly TOP.
    You never have to search for perfect advices, you never have to collect diferent courses to get the wright stuff.
    And all this for free…UNBELIEVABLE
    That´s mentorship at the best.

  3. Thanks for your generous offer. Good to see that gift giving from the heart is still alive and well.

  4. mike -great video.

    when did you have hair surgery. you look great….

  5. Hey Mike,
    Thanks for sharing this video of the event.

    I remember attending the 7 Figure Workshop while I was still teaching full time. At that point, I believed that I would stay in the classroom forever. After learning the information presented (and now inside 7FC), I made a commitment right then and there to make that my final year of working for somebody else.

    Since then, I’ve had an even bigger impact with the courses and workshops I teach, and significantly raised my revenue and given me the freedom to live life on my terms.

    Thanks for providing this training to so many more people so they can benefit from like I have.

    Oh, and I can’t wait for the cruise! About a month away, and it’s going to rock! :)

    Bob Jenkins

  6. Great stuff Mike! Thanks for posting this. I’d seen this before with the 7 Figure Code membership but it’s been a while.

    Sad to see you go as a “GURU” since you’re one of the ones that have made a big difference in my life. You’ll still be around, At least I’ll get less emails eh?

    Thanks for everything!

  7. Thanks Mike Filsaime

    Your the man

  8. hi nice video.gud, keep it up…….

  9. Thanks, I need all the help I can get.

  10. Thanks, Mike. I’ve followed you since your beginning. I’ll continue to support you.

  11. Mike, you deserve more, because you giving us much!
    Have a good health and Ignition start in new direction!

  12. That´s just great Mike,

    I have always been impressed by what you do.

    But this is just awsome.

    Congratulations and Thank you.

    And best wishes for your future endeavours.

  13. Thanks Mike & Stephen & all the others that helped put 7fFgure Code together.

    Looking forward to receiving 7Figure Code…It’s an excellent thing you are doing Mike by sharing this information with us.

    Take care & have a Great day & an Awesome 2010!

  14. Thanks Mike and Stephen…this is a really value tool for all of us!… God bless you!

  15. i love free stuff and even more more when if is coming from the person i idolize most in internet marketing. Even thought i am nobody now but i got a star or a light of guidance to an aspiration to be just as well known as you Mike. I might be zero now but if i start walking now and slowly learn how to run i know i can just be as successful as you. I would love that free guidance but even without it i am sure i would try till i die cause i am not giving up no matter what.

    I am proud to say that i am from Singapore and even though i am no Ewen Chia or Larry Lim or Adam Khoo or Calvin Woon . I will try my best to be just as good or even better. hehehe.

    Thanks and thanks again for being that light in my life or uncertainty .
    Thanks MIKE

  16. Great stuff Mike! Thanks for posting this, I need all the help I can get. Sad to see you go ” since you’re one of the ones that have made a big difference your’e giving us much!

    Thanks for your generous offer. Good to see that gift giving from the heart is still alive and well.

  17. Stephen,

    I was a member in your course, but do to being laid off
    I had to give it up. I’m still laid off and still struggling to have a online business. Hoping to have one someday. I love the course. Your a great mentor.

    Thank You

  18. Mike, it’s the smart move (technology and apps) – I’m looking forward to getting these videos because in 2010 I want to ramp things up :-)

    Stephen, the stuff here has just hit me between the eyes especially the example you gave (with starting out by looking at the process first) Really blinding stuff.

    Thanks for this.


  19. Mike-that stephen is one cool dude,one day i will have him coaching me-think i might get a hair transplant aswell!

  20. Hello Mike

    Great Video, Interneting is great and getting bigger day by day.



  21. Many thanks for your kindness Mike.

  22. great video and best tips tanks

  23. Amazingly simple in execution. Takes a complex set of facts and makes them simple, real and understandable. Thx for sharing!

  24. Thanks Mike for this opportunity. I’m looking forward to the training you provide. Good luck with your change of business focus. I look forward to hearing about your new products.

    Have a lovely holiday.

  25. This Video is most exciting.Too listen to the Real Deal Free is outstanding.I really appreciate all Your efforts to bring this to average Folks.

  26. Mike … Now that I know you’ve simply “processed” to the other side of the Success Continuum, I’ll start gearing up to benefit from your upcoming offerings. Continued Success!!!

    Stephen … I’m over-awed at the depth of your insight, business acumen, wisdom, and generosity of spirit. Even though I’m new to IM, I see clearly how I can implement much of your instruction. Yours was a “full-circle” presentation … focusing on the Head, Heart, and Will to take action. Sumo-Grazie!


  27. Hey Mike,
    Great Video!
    Thanks a lot.
    Look forward to the course.

    Sam Nicholson

  28. Thanks Mike!

    Stephen hit a lot of key points I instantly related to with my first business.

    Now, that I’ve gone into the Information Publishing biz, I can easily see what I was missing and how to take my previous best year of 80K to well into the 7-figure range.

    May your success continue to grow and your blessings be more than last year, but less than next year.

    Thanks again! Can’t wait for the 15th!!


  29. Hi,
    Just a quick note to say the video is great. Can’t wait to get the course and for free! This may be just what I need. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

  30. One of the best presentations I have heard so far. Very valuable content. Looking forward to hopefully being one of the lucky 10,000 Thanks

  31. Great video.

    Thanks Mike for this opportunity.


  32. Hi,
    mike is going strong, thanks for your generosity and good luck in your new adventure! you always manage to keep the IM world moving foward.

  33. Only great people make great things!

  34. Thanks!


    and Stephen!

  35. Your exceptional generosity is totally unexpected and greatly appreciated. I’m looking forward to 12/15/09.
    Gary Thies

  36. This is the best and most useful presentation on how to succeed in business that I have ever seen online. Stephen is phenomenal I wish I had the money to hire him as my mentor but I don’t. However, when I begin to succeed and can afford it, I most certainly contact him! He’s shrewd and inspiring. What a refreshing change from all that cr***p that most Internet marketers ’so called” gurus are offering online. Stephen is the real thing. Mike is a very lucky guy to have had him as a mentor.
    I am not easily impressed but Stephan definitely impressed me. We need more like him around to help people to truly succeed instead of just looking for ways to get their hard-earned money most of the time.

  37. Thank you for this Mike and Stephen! I have found that some gurus fill in the gaps better than other — and those are usually the cause of the paralysis when you can’t figure out to implement things. You get accused of nit taking action when in fact you don’t have enough info TO be able to take action. This is what Stephen Pierce has done– filled in the gaps in really articulate and insightful way.
    Thanks again!


    As a newbie to the internet marketing game there is so much out there that it gets a little overwhelming.

    Staying with 1 person who has done the hard yards, knows the tricks of the trade and can point you in the right direction is the best idea.

    I’ve been following Mike and Stephen from the very beginning and I’m glad I have.

    When the 7 Figure code came out I knew that I didn’t have the spare resources to purchase it.

    BUT The universe supplies once again. OR should I say Mike supplies once again.

    It’s good to see things go round and back to those who support and follow you.

    Thank You

    Keep A smile On The Dial. :-)


    Exceeded ALL Expectations

  39. “the whole is able to accomplish something the parts are not able to accomplish on their own”

    a simple realization yet has such a profound impact on growth. isn’t one of the reasons other people (besides you as one person) were created and put here on earth so we can work together?

    the mirror is a good place to look when the whole breaks down and even before then since our outer world and the people in it are a mirror of our inner wealth.

    thank you for sharing, Stephen.

    be well,

  40. Wow Mike!

    You so smart and so rich, I did not know that you needed a mentor.

    Stephen Pierce must be a very impressive marketer to be your mentor, and it’s true “nothing move without a sale”

    Thanks for offering such a valuable a product
    for free.


  41. Thanks Mike…We appreciate it!

  42. Mike
    You Guru and Guru and Guru until you couldn’t Guro any more! So now it’s time for you to move on and make room for others to fill your ample shoes. Gd bless you in your future endeavors, be healthy, wealthy and continue to contibute to humanity in other ways. Along with the others, I look fwd to your course, which is a handsome legacy to leave to your community, and by so doing you are setting an exampel for others to follow. What goes around comes around. By the way, for us newbies and impoverished ones, can you give us a heads up on the P&P cost?

  43. I am VERY concerned about “Dec 15 at 2pm”.

    I have NO IDEA what TIME ZONE that represents.

    Perhaps someone can please enlighten me??

  44. Stephen you are an inspiration to me and I am more motivated today than I was yesterday. I retired 3 yrs ago and due to the economy things haven’t work out as planned. I’m going to succeed and I think you guys are going to be the catalyst to finally get me going. Thank you and may God bless all of your business endeavors.

    Tom Gregorio

  45. Sorry to see you go but wish you all the best in your new desires and Merry Xmas…..no comment on hair, go it too

  46. Excellent presentation, Stephen! What a rousing delivery with spot on information. I’m really motivated to step up!

    Justin Urthshift

  47. Mike, Thanks for doing this and the best of luck to you always!
    I have not been able to afford this and will be so empowered to be able to receive this program from you. Thanks again.
    Ruthe Monteith

  48. Ye Baby…. the secret code, your nut’s your given that away…Dude that’s really given back. I made some serious bucks off your other stuff. Then I sold the site and man really cleaned up.
    Getting the 7 code of Filsame will seal the deal !

    I already signed up as affiliate/refferal agent for TweetGlide and am ready to take the ride.

    Stay in the game Filsame


  49. Excellent information Mike. I’m glad to see that someone is laying it out so sensibly. This can eliminate months of thumb twittling and unproductivity.

    Thanks for this valuable going away gift. Can’t wait to see more next week.


  50. thanks charles atcfb218@aol.com i need lots of help

  51. Hi Mike, Thanks a lot for the very generous offer. I am all ears and need the help.
    Won’t comment on the hair though !!
    Take care

  52. Mike, i have seen you on the web many times but have thought you heavy going. listening to you today was cristal clear. I realise that i have lost a lot by keeping my distance and waiting to take in all i can master. Kofi

  53. Mike, keep me firmly on your list. I have been attracted by your transparency and willingness to share.

  54. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the great information. I missed the launching of this when it was first released. I’ve always wanted to get it but got some challenges with the green buck so it is great that you now plan on giving it away :)

    It will be a great Christmas present for sure :)



  55. Thanks Mike,

    I saw Stephen Pierce speak at Stomping The Search Engines Live 7. He was fantastic. Definitely looking forward to finishing watching this whole video. You guys rock. thanks!


  56. Mike…thank you for sharing this wonderful presentation by Stephen Pierce.
    I bought a book by Stephen a little while back but was unaware of the man behind it and his ability to motivate with real hard-hitting facts and processes.This seminar presentation is the best have ever seen.

    If success eludes anyone they need to know that this man has the answers providing you take action.

    Thanks Again Mike and success in your new journey!

  57. Awesome presentation and look forward to watching the rest

  58. Cool video. I gotta watch it again and again.
    Thanks for gettng this to me, Mike.

    Good luck in your new venture.

  59. I am looking so forward to find out what I’m doing wrong. Thanks, guys.

  60. Mike wish you all the best in your new ventures.We know you won’t be far away,i was totally overwhelmed
    when Tom.A emailed and told me about your going away gift to us meaning some of us who couldn’t afford the 7 figure code when it hit the web.
    So thank you and Stephen Pierce for a very welcomed
    Christmas Present. I wish you all a Merry Christmas as we would say in the UK.
    Thanks again,

  61. Dude, no words… You rock! ;)

  62. great presentation – thanks Mike

  63. Thank Mike…nice video and the opportunity. I’m looking forward Dec. 15,.to help me get off a better start.

  64. Hope I make it, Thanks for the opp. to try, you are the Best

  65. I am very excited at this offering, I would really like to get this course to learn how to generate more income, As now i am only living on SSI and that is not so much. My only regret is not having the $$$ for the shipping and handling.. each month is am in the hole, and barely enough to eat on, this month, im not so lucky. end of the year taxes. So while i would love to get this, I can not, as i do not have the funds to pay for the shipping and handling.. Aho!

  66. Well I am very impressed with the vidio and looking forward to hopefully chosen to receiving all of the info that you mentioned as it will be one fantastic Christmass gift for me,
    I do like the hair as it looks natural and you should be proud of it Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  67. ike,

    I am a firm believer in finding somone who has been there and proved himself then utilizing his knowledge to assist you. However the terminology Integrity beyound reproach is a critical factor. Sometimes the Guru’s intentionally forget iomportant information and a newbie like myself are just plain lost. I have always trusted you to be one of the good guys and I believe you have proven yourself as integrity ridden. Thus I can’t wait to gt your info and devour it. Thanks.

    Tim Campbell

  68. I’m looking forward to the free course.

  69. most people fail to realize that patience, persistance, and golas are the dynamics of our life, “It takes years to be successful overnite” I hva espentmany years and I am not quite there yet, but maybe now is my time.

  70. Great Video – very inspiring and thought provoking, not to mention the great material. I look forward to the 15th.

  71. I am looking forward to receiving your Christmas gift, considering it comes from a guy like you. I am sure I am going to profit a lot with it. I am just starting in the IM field, but I’ve heard your name so many times. Have a nice end of year and a brilliant new career!
    Thanks again,
    Jose Talavera (from Paraguay)

  72. I want to say thank you for your offerings as it is what most of us need and want and the video was something else as the education is so badly needed in the business. Happy Christmas to you and yours, and your hair is looking natural.

  73. Hi Mike,

    Fantastic video, and I can not help but be excited at the thought of having such a fantastic course to learn from. I know it will be full of mind blowing content and I can’t wait to get this awesome offer from you Mike.

    Thanks again Derek

  74. thank you very much.

  75. WHAT you don’t understand is the more people that use this, the less effect it will have. Once the masses start using it, it is done.

  76. I agree for the most part. Once the place is fully saturated, it is going to be useless info, which it probably is right now before it is even released – purely because of saturation. But > still a valuable learning tool to see where the market is going.

    If they were still able to make big numbers off of it, there is no way they would let it go free! It is just the truth.

    I am still excited to see what it contains, and hopefully get a glance at where its going.

    This is not the “first time he said he is getting out” either.

    I have been a follower of Mike Filsaime for some time, bought some stuff, and it wasnt all it promised to be,
    because i got there too late-

    hopefully not this time……..

    thanks mike…..looking forward to it.

  77. Great informative presentation it really shed a new light on how the IM world works i’m looking forward to learning more thanks so much Robert K

  78. Hell yeah!!!
    I can’t wait to get the 7 Figure Code for FREE!!!

    I think everyone should sign up to get this free, and get everyone they know to sign up to get it free also.

    Even my dog Buster wants a copy of the 7 Figure Code. I’m going to have to get him a PO Box and prepaid credit card so he can get his own copy. I’m locking him outside before midnight on the 14th so I can be sure to get first dibs on the computer and get my copy….

  79. The video is excellent. I look forward to the full course.
    Please make sure that it is possible to pay for the shipping using Paypal or Visa Electron as I do not have a credit card.
    Thank you.

  80. You look different without the hair 8-)

    Great Video and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of the 7figure code! Your an inspiration to us all Mike!

  81. In a job i don’t care for, need to start a diiferent path, this course will get started in the right direction for the new year!

  82. Mike,

    I’m really impressed with your desire to provide such value to so many free of charge!

    Thanks, George

  83. Mike,
    This is fabulous. I can’t wait to get the full package. Stephen Pierce is amazing. I know I will watch this many times over.

  84. Thanks for your more than generous offer. You are practicing it is more blessed to give than receive.

  85. Thank you ! The best value ever, greatly appreciated.

  86. Butterfly Marketing was amazing! Now this??

    Mike you are unbelievable.
    I can’t wait for 7 Figure Code. If this video is any indication I can not believe anyone would just give this away.

    Thank you Mike – you are awesome! A Legend in my mind.

  87. I’ve been trying to get this business going for a while. It’s a good idea but I need to learn more about marketing.
    Now that I’m retired I have more time to do it. I have to learn about outsourcing.
    I’ve been following Joel Therien for a few years now. He has nothing but praise for you. I hope with this course I will be able to catch up on my investment on the internet.

  88. Ian a relatively short amount of time, I took four suggestions from this video to improve my sales strategies significantly. Look for a follow-up email from me to tell you what a difference your imput has made on my business!

  89. I am excited and interested in learnin and applying the “Fundamentals” of what the Vido Courses emphasize. I would like to use templates and ideas to build and communicate the value of what I want to market to audiences. I believe that I can provide value as an important step in the process. What I need is someone coaching me to discover some of the “value” and Project Management processes. Perhaps, I can be coached on how to optimize Value Management and Engieering to an idea or product which I can provide. That Value might be “intellectual” in nature. In this economy, I like all others, am also strapped for finances. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  90. Incredible presentation, Stephen! Mike, thanks for sharing this with us at no cost. The secret of living is giving, both you and Stephen obviously get this.

    Again, thanks for the incredible video, and the 7-Figure course.

    God bless you both,

    James Artre
    Azle, Texas

  91. Mike
    I’m fairly new to the business and it is so refreshing to see someone of your and Stephens caliber helping others by giveing away such a great resource.
    I and others in the network marketing do appreciate this kind gesture.
    Blaine Kelly

  92. Outstanding Mike – the God Father of Internet Marketing!

  93. Great presentation,Stephen. What a beautiful Christmas gift, Mike.

    The very best with your up coming projects!

    God be with you..Mike and Stephen

  94. Thanks for your help over the years. Best wishes in your retirement

  95. Thank you very much Mike, your offering is truely fantastic. As usual Steven Pierce is as brilliant as ever.
    Again thankyou

  96. Thank you very much, Mike.
    Good luck, I’m sure, though, that we’ll be hearing from you!

    Thanks Again,

  97. I sure will go along Whatever’s recommended by Mike. I am sure I will benefit from the 7 figure Code

  98. I would like to learn how to be a whiz on the computer

  99. I need

  100. I need to make some money, I am flat broke,
    I mean no money.

  101. Hi Mike,

    Thank’s a lot , you are great man.


  102. Awesome opportunity! I am inspired, and grateful for your generosity! I know this will help the sales of the automated trading system I pitch as a product.

  103. thanj you for the great info
    good luck for 2010

  104. Mike,

    Sorry to see a true leader in this industry heading in another direction. I have been using Butterfly Marketing for some time now and I know The 7figure Code will be a great resource for me.

    Thank you for all your help and support over the years.

    Best of luck on your new journey.



  105. What a good vid

    thx for sharing

  106. Great Video Mike Stephen really gets to the core of the business and what is holding people back.

    P.S That new hair do would be enough to send any middle aged male over the edge to create a 7 figure a Year Internet Business.

    I will need your surgeons number soon! :-)

  107. I’ve been taking action for 3 years. I’m looking for something that will give me what I’m listening to not a bunch of hot air. I look forward to seeing this revenue engine bring me what I’m lacking.

    Thank You
    Ricky Majtyka

  108. Stephen should of also got his hair done lol

    Thanks for the video mike & stephen, this is gonna rock. Looking forward to seeing the other 15 videos!

  109. Thanks Mike for your generous offer.

    The challenge for all of us is that AFTER we get the home study course, that we actually FOLLOW THROUGH and take action.

    Binod Maliel
    (A follow-through online tool)


  111. hi my name is edianne diaz and am a single mom of two babys and I was thinking if anyone of you gay can help me find a job please am really need to work but I can any can you please email me if you have a job for a single mom am only 18 almost 19 so can you please help me find a job.thanks

  112. Thanks Mike,

    Indeed… many great points! Keep rocking and best of luck in your new career ventures.


  113. Mike, sorry to see you go, but we all have to follow our dreams, or you can call it destiny.? I am sure you will excel and charm people wherever you will go.. and
    Thank you for giving me the chance to learn from you. I appreciate you, and
    You are appreciated by many.

  114. Hello Mike,

    I was shocked to hear that you are giving away the 7figure code for free. Boy!! I am anxious to get my hands on it and implement it right away.

    Wish you the best in your future endeavour.
    Have a great day.

  115. I need a jobs please

  116. Good presentation. My wife and I are looking to start a new business to better support our family. This free package looks like a good start. Thank you.

  117. can someone help me find a job please thank you que dios los vendiga a todos.

  118. Thank you. I never really thought in terms of being able to create a 7 figure business. Now I do. You have helped me see where I need to focus. I am sure it will make a huge difference in short order.

  119. Great video. That was like being at a weekend seminar! Excellent information – I took lots of notes. It was helpful to be able to stop the video, write notes and then hear it again. Stephen does talk fast – cramming lots of good info into his allotted time. I went to my bookcase and pulled out “Make Real Money on the Internet” by Stephen Pierce – and shall reread it.

    Thanks Mike and Stephen


  120. sir i want to get rich.. please guide me can sir please

    i have been look down seems i was small

    i dont know the light to get rich

    can u help me

  121. Very informative- Great presentation!

  122. It takes someone with rare qualities to want to give back to the community that made them what they are.

    Special people do special things…

  123. I have been following Stephen for awhile now and am very impressed! Due to a family emergency I had to give up my membership in MRMI Supercash after just a few weeks.
    When my situation improves I will be back!!
    Business principle knowledge is very valuable and applying them online is exceptionally valuable today.

    I can’t wait to join the list of incredibly successful people mentored by Stephen and his associates.

  124. This is unbelieveable , i did not know that it was my time for the plan of GOD to be implement in my life thank you mike and stephen my brother for making this happen, if i had known how to do this affiliate
    thing i would be on already but with you and with the
    heart belief that communication is the key to
    success i shall arrive. one love one heart.
    GOD Bless

    donald (don)

  125. there is a natural cure for asthma

    i am the strongest of three brothers of which two never work a job because of illness so i would love to help them and others who are in need.

  126. Mike Filsaime = Thanks to you and your Mentor Stephen Pierce for the Opportunity; to take the bull by the horns! Being a [another] newbie this is something which many would NOT be able, whether they had hair or not, to afford this! Unbelievable! Much appreciated is probably an UNDERSTATEMENT. The release hour with Global Time difference is a bit concerning. Waiting for the 15th; what will be the new direction of Mike and the Company? Thanks to you both.

  127. WOW….

    What a wonderful Holiday this will be. Can’t wait til Christmas on the 15th!!! What an incredible package this is……

    Looking Forward to it…

    Thank You
    Bob Lindner

  128. WOW if this is only one of 16 DVD’s, this is incredible. Seems funny I’ve been around this industry for 3 years now and have never even heard of Stephen Pierce. I think I learned more in the first 20 minutes of this video than I have in 3 years.

    You can bet I’ll be first in line on the 15th!

    Thanks Mike and Stephen (Ya’ll Rock) thats Texan talk :)


  129. Thank you!!

    This is the greatest business video presentations ever seen!! I’ill watch your video again!

    Keep the good work up!!

    The Netherlands

  130. I am waiting for the forced continuity, although maybe just a massive email gathering campaign. They made a massive ammount of forced continuity revenue through butterfly marketing, I cant believe they wont get some continuity out of this one. Good on them though, the way they got rich )

  131. This is a great video to send our way – love listening to Stephen talk and asking questions to get our brains working. He’s just so great with people and always seems to be positive and upbeat.

    Thank you, Mike, for all that you do and have done so well, and I wish you good luck with your new endeavors.

  132. Great presentation Mr. Pierce! LOL

  133. This is all above my head but it sounds exciting,Nice Christmas Gift. best wishes for all

  134. Again, you’ve gone above and way beyond

  135. I am rely new to this kind of marketing anything I can get free is rely good as I have no money to pay for it. so thank you Vere much and good luck on your new marketing program.
    Dan braben

  136. I am really pumped about the chance of learning from some of the gurus in internet marketing like Mike, Stephen and more. I hope that Mike’s new direction works out even better than he was predicting.

    Scott Jackson

  137. Expert insight; good information; best marketing expertise; loved it.

  138. Great video, rich informatiom.

  139. Incredible information!!!! Stephen Pierce is phenomenal! Thank you for this fantastic video!

  140. BOSS AS F#$#K… Great video. I’m only half way through and I love it.

    I’m actually about to do a product launch and I was planning on just selling the product and leaving it at that. After watching this I honestly think I can build a whole business off this.


  141. I am almost at a loss for words. That was completely absolutely, AWSOME! Loved ever word, every min. Thanks!

  142. Thanks alot for this powerful 100mins , iam sure this will help me improve my sales system , this was exakly what i needed right this time , iam very thankful .

  143. It is great to listen to the expert. It gives me something to think and look at my business in a different way.

    Good luck Mike to your new endeavor this 2010.

  144. The vidoe didnt run smoothly on my computer, but from the coments of various people commenting positively on what you have done, please keep it up,I am yet to recieve my course on the subject

  145. Great video. Highlights the simple little things that are easy to do and they are also easy not to do. My mind has been open and I am sure this new knowledge (to me ) will be very beneficial. I am new to IM and I am sure I will look back to this occasion as a pivotal point to my success. Thanks Mike.

  146. Thamks Mike, for letting MY coach STEPHEN PIERCE
    tell the real story behind this internet game. !
    And mike i hate to see ya go. Please don’t forget us,
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    I’m going to pick out the best of the best for the package offering them together for a one low price.

    The product will be named TheUltimateValuePackage (Stephen used those words).

    I’ll be sure to present true value for the entire process from beginning to end.

    I paused the video and registered the domain name.
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    Anyhow, some people agreed with me and some didn’t.

    Fast forward to your “Butterfly Marketing” freebie and what a difference there was in both the sales process and the actual customer service. It had improved a hundred fold so for that i say thanks on two counts. One for actually taking the initial feedback from the first launch and improving and secondly for actually turning me around from a disgruntled customer to one that now does respect what you are trying to do.

    So to today……..Thankyou to yourself and Stephen for a totally fantastic learning experience.

    The real “HIT ME ON THE HEAD” moment came when Stephen mentioned “Inefficient At Lots of Things”

    That’s where I see massive room for improvement in the way i try to get my business moving

    And the second key was “Dont do what you can’t Measure”

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    However, in business, as Stephen said, THOROUGH PREPARATION & PLANING is the key to success. I’ve started my own business a few years ago and although taking Business Management courses and doing a Business Plan it’s stalling (or FAILING by Shephen Pierce’s grading) that’s why I’m hoping that by getting the 7FC and studying it I may implement it until my budding business will burst into fruition.
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    My quest is really to be a blessing to others, like you have been. The first challenge is to get out of the rat race. I believe, after watching the video and reading the earlier comments, that 7FC will help accelerate my getting out of the rat race. Empowerment though knowledge sharing is my goal. Thank you and more power!

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    Regards Meg S O’Connor

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    Thanks Ashley from Nevada,
    Oh I almost forgot but I like your hair .It looks good .

  419. Stephen: Amazing; 40 years in business and I just realized how much I did not know about how to run my business like a business. For years I have focused on serving people, putting them through my process because it felt good to me and justified in my mind what little I charged them for my work. Now I understand the importance of finding out what my customers really want, their felt needs, and designing my process and compensation around identifying and satisfying those needs. I have that information from some of them, but failed to use it in many cases – instead just making them follow my process. Once in a while I did it right; even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. (a paraphrase on the chicken). Mike, if you can do it, I can, too. Stephen, thanks for keeping me on your email list until I removed my head from the sand. Mike: I did not focus on the hair; it’s great that you have more now, but it probably means more to you than to the rest of us.

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    The letter kills, but the Spirit brings life. What you wanted to say even more came through to me. Fix the inner man and then you can fix the outer situation.

    The love of money never has and never will satisfy the human soul. Money gives us freedom to help others and there are billions of others throughout the world who need hope inside.

    In fact, in the good old USA there are 8,000+ more babies born than the older generation are dying off. The world population is expected to grow to 20 Billion by the year 2.020!

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    Thanks for your generosity as I’m sure, like myself, there are many of us who are starting with little or nothing except our dreams and visions.

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    His art to link cold business strategy with sharing the pie is what our country needs desperately NOW so we can save it from going under. Unfortunately the forces of GREED and individualism are too entrained in a large part of our population which need to hear you and the team of partners you hve assembled. We must be creative for our young oncoming future leaders.
    Again, thank you and keep on fighting to get back our nation. We have done it before we should be able to do it now with creativeness and the “Internet for Jobs”.
    PEACE, Silvia

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  933. Hi Mike,
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    I wish you both continued and increasing success in the future.
    Respectfully, Ben Evans

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    Bill Burda

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    This presentation really kicked me right where I need to be kicked. I’m smart, educated, well read, have had great jobs, —and I have started a couple of businesses over the last 9 years where I was so close to making them work, but I couldn’t see it. I quit. I went back and got another job so I’d have the safety and security (I was a single parent). In looking backwards, I can see that what I created was about to converge with a major trend that could have translated to sales if I stuck with it. I’m writing this, not in regret, but because now – this time – I’m committed to making it happen, to enjoying the process, the fruits of my efforts, and the knowledge that because I do, I’m helping other people. Thank you for this gift….arriving in my mailbox at the perfect moment.

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    Thank you.

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  950. you are simply the BEST. God bless you.

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    Brittany Levere

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    I run a few membership sites with more on the horizon.
    The largest – http://www.advertisefreeforlife.com has just over 10,000 members.

    This is my LIFE guys and thanks to Mike for the Butterfly Marketing script 12 months ago and some amazing lessons like this one – I can see a REALLY bright future.

    On the edge of the seat.


  957. Steve, thank you for the opportunty to start a company with the experts. No one can learn faster than someone who has done that, been there. Learning from the tapes makes it so easier than trying to re-invent the wheel. Thank you for taking the time to share your insites.

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    I am still struggling to have a right online business and looking for a free course. Many thanks for your backing up .


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    So kuddo’s for you and yours and I pray you and yours be blessed and enjoy a very MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A BLESSED NEW YEAR.


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    Than you from the bottom from my heart!


  962. I’m so new I so green but I thank you I ENJOYED listening to the bombastic Mr Pierce – thank you. I hope I’m a lucky one and get a copy of your magnificent gift to the world at large. I am 68 and disabled – I have a roof and food BUT I need the comforts of life and the only way to get this is virtually. I got caught by a scammer in summer of 2008 and lost my laptop which was confiscated with my credit card and I can only regain my card privileges back by clearing the $5000 deal – peanuts by the monies bruited about in almost every e mail I receive. I’m so looking forward to getting started and I’ve had the privilege to listen to you speak way back in 2008. My memory was damaged by my brain surgeon who left me disabled and I do not remember enough – except a website is only the top of the iceberg. Or a single film of the onion that must be painfully peeled BUT I NEED to earn before I learn every thing. I still need a PC my step grandson’s gaming machine is inadequate and my allotted time too short
    Then when I get started move over stars another one is on the way- the birth of LornStar or MissyLorn or loverlylorn as I’m otherwise known – I do not need to be the biggest but I want to be one of the Nicest.
    Thank you and specially Thank you Stephen Pierce

  963. I have a question: I live outside the US, can I still receive the free package on the 15th?

  964. Thanks for gift

  965. Stephene, don’t struggle, learn to enjoy the process, learn to enjoy it every day. The rest will come in its due time if you are consistently enjoying the process every day. Remember also to periodically review the processes you are using, have a mentor review them and adjust where necessary, but never stop enjoying the process!

    Steve, enjoyed thoroughly. Its not only great for those of us starting out but a great reminder for those caught up in the “struggle”. I think we forget to enjoy the process, that’s when it becomes a struggle. We get excited about the what we see as our destination of success, but need to realize it takes daily , weekly and monthly successes, many of those smaller successes over and over again to get to the realization of that greater success. Even then, the journey is not over.

    Will share this with many of my associates. Thanks again.

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    nothing moves without a sale, or it’s done in vain
    Processes, sells funnel, value is what ppl are willing to pay,
    Sales process is the profit nervous system of your Business.
    Parts have to work, or whole will be immobilized [like flat tire for a car]

    Values important for your customer

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    Your presentation created a motivational statement for me: Cut out the internal and external speed bumps in your life/business and “incredible results will happen.”

    Mr. Filsaime,
    Your generosity in pricing the 7-Figure Code home study course for FREE is greatly appreciated! A purchase of the course at the regular price would be well beyond my means at this time because necessities take preference in spending.

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    … Merry Christmas, a happy 2010 and thanks for this opportunity.

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  1324. awesome I hope I make this giveaway. Stephen Pierce is quite inspiring

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  1339. What a great opportunity. Thanks for making this valuable info possible for me.

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    But, having said that I appreciate very much this video. Mr. Pierce is excellent. Many things he said were eye openers.

    I’m looking forward to the 7Figure Code. Thank you so much, Mike. May your plan prosper.

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    Thanks so much for what you’ve done already.

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    hopefully all those who submitted to view SPs video will be sent an email clearly notifying us of next steps to take…

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    Darrell from Indy…

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  1574. I will make it short. I am 66, retired and this generous offer will help my financial situation, because of the loses. Thank you

  1575. Being a newbe I am blown away by all the mind boggleing information presented.

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    Waiting, got no link

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    “Early Bird Notice – Hurry. First 10,000 get The 7 Figure Code Free!”

    at 12pm EST NY Time

    Time now 12:50 pm

  1579. Wow. I’ll get right on that. Thanks so much.

  1580. I hear ya dave:) I am waiting as well making an extended lunch break:)

    Just hope is it soon so I can get back to the business.

  1581. Hey Mike

    Thanks for giving back to your subscribers I really appreciate it, even If I don”t get a chance to get a copy.

    Stephen speech was great he always give quality information, and gives you the confidence that you can make a Million bucks by applying the principals.

    I have work to do.

  1582. It’s all about the buzz factor my friends and we are creating it!!

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  1584. Military style.. Hurry Up and Wait, LOL.

  1585. Hey Mike, great stuff just keeps coming from THE GREAT ONES. Thanks for this opportunity. Tried to get started last year, when I couldn’t even spell APHILLYATE, (lol), looking forward to this course and a new way of life. Highest Regards, Your Friend, Bill Sharp

  1586. Like the others I’m wondering if I missed something

    12pm EST would be around 5pm here and there’s been no email

    2pm EST would be around 7pm here so I’m gonna check back later

    Hope it works


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    internet seem so easy.

    donald (don)

  1592. Appreciate your gift offer…

  1593. Thanks for the offer, and am looking forward to being in with a chance. Having not been a ‘process’ person in the past, and watched my business falter, I am keen to hear and learn and apply more so that I can put the process back into my business ventures. Set the alarm for 4am Sydney Australia time and am awaiting your email, and meanwhile using my ‘extra’ time wisely! Cheers, gentlemen!

  1594. Stephen Pierce is music to my ears. Ever since June, I have been trying to find a way to start a lucrative business and all that I truly got was frustration after another. I am so thankful for the video I just studied and filled half a thick note book with the wonderful and necessary informative material Stephen delivers so eloquently in this third video. Unlike so many others out there, he speaks from the heart, from real experience and totally knows what he is talking about. For that reason I listened to it not once but twice, filling in the blanks I might have missed the first time around and even though it was about three o’clock in the morning by the time I was done, I felt great, physically, spiritually and mentally electrified, alive and full of hopes that I finally had found the one that was truly going to help me get going with that long-awaited internet business I have been dreaming of having for so long now. I thank Mike Filsaime for sending me the initial email that led me to Stephen’s video and will surely remain grateful to both of them for the rest of my life for delivering such helpful, timely and in my case much needed material. To say that I loved it would be an understatement. I can only hope to be one of the very fortunate few who will be getting the rest of this awesome ‘OptiMINDzation’ 7-step course to a 7 figure business income as (if this third video is any indication of what the others will be and with Stephen, I’m sure that they will be!) it is by far the greatest teaching tool I have seen on the subject ever. Thank you all so much for this opportunity of a lifetime.

  1595. this is a really great video. Thanks for giving!

  1596. i do not have a webswite


  1597. Hi mike,
    I’m interested, See you at 1-2 pm on website. Thanks.

  1598. He is just trying to figure out how many people they actually have following him:) With this giveaway he will know exactly how many people clicked through to try and get the free items. Gives him the best idea to how many people on the lists he has actually are readers and buyers????

  1599. I’m in Thailand it’s 1:04 am I’d like to go to bed Hint Hint!!!!!

  1600. Well, since I don’t see anyone else here saying they didn’t get their 12pm early bird link as anticipated so guess I’m the only one?

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  1604. The guy is brilliant, yet his teaching is very cogent and understanable. Thanks Mike.

  1605. Good stuff. Cuts through all the BS and gives great clarity in what to do.

  1606. Hey Dan – no, you’re not the only one. It’s 1PM EST and I haven’t received an early bird e-mail either.

  1607. HI. Mike,

    I have been your follower for quite some time now and am very interested in your free gift.

    I subscribed for the early bird, but did not receive any emails notifying me, and I’m still waiting for a link or something at this hour :( 2:04 pm) and nothing has happened.

    Please, I don’t want to miss this!

  1608. No link?

  1609. Hi Mr. Filsame ,

    I’ve been online for over two years now and haven’t made a
    dime.(embarrassing).When I saw the video I was
    thoroughly impressed with both you and Mr. Pierce.

    I saw right off that my misfortune was to not have come across you guys early on.

    I cannot believe the value that you are giving away. I for one can really appreciate it after paying this guy and that guy

    only to find that I was only given enough information so I could figure out that I needed more. Not one to quit, I knew that if I kept putting one foot in front of the other, eventually I would hit pay-dirt.

    Watching the video of you and Mr. Pierce was what turned the light on for me.

    I f you have ever been lost in the woods or maybe even in a city and totally turned around and disoriented then you know how I was beginning to feel on the internet.

    I could go on and on but I just want to say that seeing you and Mr. Pierce in action, made me feel like I had found the “Holy Grail” of internet marketing.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and good luck in your new adventures.

    Bill Allridge

  1610. DAN scroll up I said it too about 10 mins ago

  1611. Congratulations, Mike on another great release. Looking forward to Launch Day on Tuesday


  1612. I haven’t gotten my email either Dan and KJH — been waiting for over an hour now

  1613. Hi Mike,
    Where’s the link?

  1614. Happy Holidays and thank you

  1615. Have I got the time wrong?
    Or has the email been sent out.

  1616. Been waiting for the early bird email too for the past hour like a freakin idiot. WHAT HAPPENED???????????????????? ugh

  1617. It’s after 1 pm Eastern and still no sign of the “Early Bird” email…. Server meltdown??
    Seriously, though, I am looking forward to having a chance to check out the rest of the package (the online video was excellent!).

  1618. OK guys I’ve got it here’s a link to the free offer


    Sorry I could not resist it ha ha ha lol


  1619. no email either – very frustrating

  1620. What an incredible presentation! What an incredible mind Stephen has! I feel extremely fortunate to have access to his knowledge.

    As for getting for getting the 7 Figure Code for free – this is beyond belief!

    A HUGE thank you on both accounts!

    Kind regards

    Martin Jelley – Auckland, New Zealand

  1621. duhm, dumh….dump de dump de dump duhm duhm (Jeopardy waiting for answer theme music….

    Been here since 12 Noon waiting on Early Bird Email.

    Not complaining, just anxious. I don’t just want one, I am trying for the FIRST one, LOL.

  1622. did anyone get the link yet?

  1623. I didn’t get my notice!!!

  1624. it’s past 2 am where I am, and i’d like to be able to get your email soon.

  1625. Great Video thanks Mike

  1626. hi,

    why are we waiting……

    could someone send a message so we at least know there’s a delay???

  1627. Havent my email either

  1628. No email, been waiting to receive it according to schedule but nothing…. Why??

  1629. I didn’t receive notice either, but I/m hopeful !

  1630. I am still waiting for that email at 12:17 pm eastern time.

  1631. I am very impressed with Steven Pierce, a man with much to offer with integrity. I have much to learn about the industry and am looking forward to the 7 figure code. Thank you!

  1632. I signed up to get your advance notice for free package. Did not get the email at 1pm … can anybody help?

  1633. Thanks Mike and Stephen…Looking forward to this offer…

  1634. I think this is the answer to my prayers! God knows I need a life change!

  1635. what happen to me needing to be at the early bird program I have been trying to get in since1 p.m. and can’t sign mary

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  1639. 1:30 est nothing here in Milwaukee. Must have been a joke.

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    Best regards,

    Dr. Jerry Hoskin

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  1642. I did not receive the early bird email at noon and am anxious to get my copy. Please help. Thanks!

  1643. this sounds great but is it going to be like the butterfly marketing thing i bought but can’t dowload because i can’t login to the website? sent proof of purchase 3 times that i had from pay pal but still can’t get in!

  1644. I did not get the email either… been watching diligently. Never did find a link to get the Stephen Pierce video either.

  1645. i think all of us who have been waiting here for the email should still get it at $7.95. i wont be able to be here when they go live, i have to leave now for my babys appointment. too bad so sad, waiting for over an hour :( disappointed

  1646. Mike and Stephen,

    My head is spinning with ideas…….

    God bless your generous hearts ! It truly feels like Christmas when you see how you have freely are giving your time and expertise .

    Have a great 2010.



  1647. Where is the early bird email first it was suppose to be at 1:00 pm EST then 12 Noon EST – still waiting – is everyone going to be hit at 2:00 pm EST and no early bird email – Whats the deal Mike?

  1648. Thanks for introducing me to the Stephen Pierce Video. It is full of great stuff.

    And thanks again for offering “The 7 Figure Code” free.

    I hope I am fortunate enough to get one of the copies.

    Thanks again, and best of success in all your future projects.


  1649. Sounds great, but still waiting for the opportunity to get one of the free packages… either something is up or we’ve been mislead? I am assuming the former and wait to hear further in the hope that the release will now no longer be limited to 10000!!??

  1650. can’t wait to get this stuff. It is awesome info. Where’s the earlybird link?

  1651. So thankful to be a part of what you’re doing here. I have a ton of work to do on me and I appreciate this gift you have made available.
    Stay blessed,

  1652. It’s after 1:30 PM EST and I haven’t received the aforesaid “early bird notice” via email yet?

    What gives?

    John OBine

  1653. I didn’t get the link.

    Are you really able to deliver?

  1654. I would likw to have a free copy .

  1655. Me neither. Last time (BFM) the server crashed on startup and everything was delayed quite awhile.

    Let’s be patient.

  1656. I can see you have a passion for doing the right thing yourself and others. Your value proposition mapping is the missing piece to what I’ve been needing to generate productive sales. Impressive information superbly delivered . . . looking forward to hearing more . . .

  1657. Hi, I’m still waiting for the early bird link :)

  1658. It will be worth the wait!

  1659. I haven’t received E-Mail to purchase product

  1660. Mike I hope you’re not sitting watching all this with your mates and thinking look at all these people waiting for me. You’re not that low are you?

  1661. Thanks for Registering for The 7 Figure Code FREE

    You will get an email before the public does on
    December 15th a 1 hour before we go live.

    You get notified at 1pm EST

    We go live to the public at 2PM EST
    I have not received an email from you????

    Has anyone received an email?


  1662. Been watching my inbox for a while. I really do get some useless emails through the day…

  1663. I haven’t receive a “early bird free copy notice”
    still waiting.

  1664. If you want to guarantee you get one of the
    10,000 copies, MAKE SURE you are in front
    of your PC at or around 12PM EST (NY Time)


    Mike Filsaime


  1665. I received promos from Mikes affiliates this morning and Joel Comm’s promo just got in at 1H43 pm. So maybe Mike is delaying to make sure his affiliates are all in?

    Hope not.

  1666. Your product is always above my expection !

    Your contribution will be paid back .

  1667. Got the same email, Clifton, and no, no follow up yet. I am sure it is just a glitch the will make right….right after they get my copy in the mail, hopefully


  1668. outstanding, great presentation he covers what I need to do

  1669. this time we’ll see if Mike upgraded his servers from march of this year when he gave away his butterfly marketing course & several hundred thousand peiople practically melted the servers beating down the doors to get that course Mike is the man & giving away some of his best coaching material like he’s doing is the mark of a real Guru it falls along the lines of the concept of giving the more you give the more you’ll get back Mike knows this after his years of online experience and he is putting into action now thank you Mike for keeping it real all the best for you in your early retirement which I’m sure won’t be too far off good lookin out for those of us just starting our businesses you have first hand experience of what that’s like I think it’s awesome that you offer your advice to beginners

  1670. well i was at my computer 6am here NZ and Know email showed up,

  1671. Fantastic, I am a newbie and I am looking forward to the code…..

  1672. Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it. :)

  1673. Wow cant believe that was just a part of the course, cant wait to get my hands on the course Mike. Great job Stephen Pierce.

  1674. Thanks for all the information, it all makes sense I enjoyed how you delivered on a common plain, even though you have a multi levels of 7 figure incomes at the same time. You make me feel as though I can do it as well.

    Thanks again

  1675. Hi

    it’s now 1:42pm EST, why no early bird email sent out yet?

  1676. Thank God I’m not the only one. I guess there must be an unforseen delay. I just hope it goes live really soon, I got seriously important stuff I gotta do, so I can’t be online all day.

  1677. I can’t wait to get this!

  1678. 1:43 PM EST. Still waiting for the e-mail. . .

  1679. Hey,
    No link, it’s 1:43 pm NYC time!
    WHat’s the deal!

  1680. This is a great video – great information.

    Thank you!

  1681. Its funny how all of us have been waiting and watching our inbox for the last hour and 45 mins for the elusive early bird link :)

  1682. Hey,

    Looking forward to downloading the 7 Figure Code! Excellent and very informative video.




  1683. Um. I just noticed that the blog time says 12.44 pm. Perhaps the early bird email will go out in 15 mins??

  1684. Happy Holidays Mr. Filsaime and Mr. Beal! Thanks for this. I have been struggling these past two years to keep my house, but wish I was doing better so that I too could be philanthropic.

  1685. Well, I had to set up a temporary tunnel so I could get out because I did not want to miss this…

  1686. High Level information given on an understandable level.

    Thank you.

  1687. from where i am now malaysia, the time is 3 am. Wed. Kids & wife asleep.
    Did i missed the free deal already? still waiting for mr kind and generous to give away his secret to financial freedom.

  1688. At least the last time we could follow live what was happening.

    I wonder if his friend’s GVO servers will be up to the task. But as time goes by, and we don’t have live video feed and nothing is happening yet (not even the early bird email), I guess I’m allowed to have some doubts?

    One thing for sure, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes right now :-)

  1689. Um. I think Tom Beal passed away? The bottom of the web-page says R.I.P Thomas.J Beal. My condolences to him & his family.

  1690. it would be a little more funny if I’d had that extra hour and 45 minutes sleep…

    I’m sure there’s a good reason for the delay, would really appreciate knowing & understanding it!

  1691. I am also waiting for the email and have not received it yet.

    May I invite anyone who is available by their computer to visit my website at http://www.mybusinessnightmare.com and to download the free first chapter of my book. It may amuse you while you wait for the email from Mike.

    Best wishes,

    Alan Stransman

  1692. This is fantastic, thank you Mike. I hope you will keep on going giving away free stuff, because a lot of people nowadays are without work and this will help them a lot.
    Thanks again and best regards.

  1693. Wow-2 Titans handing out a Mega Christmas Gift to the IM masses.

    Mucho gratias amigos.

    “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a dream” J. Hendrix.

    “The Dream Is Alive” Marc Garneau (first Canadian Astronaut in Space)

    Keep it coming. Christmas is close at hand. Give a person a fish and he/she will eat but give a person a fishing pole and he will feed his family and friends forever. Something like that :)

    Merry Christmas to Everyone

    God Bless

    Peace Love Understanding


    P.S. Thanks so much Stephen (big kahuna) Mike (big guru). Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year to you and your families and friends

  1694. Still no early bird e mail

  1695. Hi !

    I registered on December 9th at 5:20 PM EST to receive The 7 Figure Code Early Bird Link.

    It’s now 1:45 PM December 15th EST and I still have not received the early bird link !!!


    Thanks !!!

  1696. this is interesting…WOW

  1697. Hi Mike,

    Stephen’s presentation was great,

    Thanks for the FREE gift.

    Your new hairdo suitts you well.

    Gof Bless You.


  1698. That’s a good point. Not sure why the blog time shows 1 hour behind actual NY time. The email this morning Mike sent out said to MAKE SURE you are in front of your PC at or around 12PM EST (NY Time) – well it’s 1:48PM EST (NY Time) right now and no email. Wonder if they’re having mail server problems or their ISP was trying to see what all the outgoing email was and stopped it’s delivery? Still waiting…

  1699. I’m looking forward to the seminar.

  1700. Like the many before me, I really enjoyed the vid of Steven Pierce and learnt loads of practical strategies to add to my toolkit. As it seems, I am also one of hundreds if not thousands anticipating the valuable course package Mike is so kindly offering for free – yay!!

    Got the earlybird email saying looking out for the next email at 12pm EST, which if I checked my world clocks (I’m in New Zealand) was 1 hour and 50 mins ago.

    If there was a server melt down their end, surely an update by Mike/Admin to these blog comments would be the best way to communicate that to us – after all, each of us can very easily comment – so no melt down here.

    C’mon Mike – whats the word big bird??

  1701. There I was rushing to finish that ‘comment’ as I thought the offer was for one o’clock when in actuality it is for two o’clock… which probably accounts for my forgetting who it was that had sent me the initial email. It wasn’t Mike as I wrote up there but Robert G. Allen (Bob) and Mark (Victor) Hansen so I’d like to take a moment to thank them as well. This fact was brought up to my attention from another email I just received from them saying that they are receiving nasty ones (emails) claiming that this offer isn’t free, that it was all a scam, etc. Well I read the whole thing and after watching the video here, I know that it will indeed be free. The fact that some people are upset because something else will be offered for a price or that we can sign on for a newsletter, is irrelevant and quite kosher to say the least. Business is business. It doesn’t alter the fact that we all have benefited tremendously from even this one video on the importance of the sales processes which applies to any business and that we will benefit even more from the rest of the program which is so generously offered to a handful of us, if we compare to the millions who would surely love it too. I can therefore not see for the life of me why anyone would get up in a huff and a puff and call this a scam. It certainly isn’t anything of the sort. Why! many people already paid over a thousand dollars for this very same course or seminar and I for one remain extremely grateful even for the one video I already had the good fortune of watching and learning so much from. Again I thank you all.

  1702. I got an email and don’t see the LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1703. Really great info. Thanks Mike & stephen. Looking forward to the whole set.


  1704. Great very helpful ! Thanks…….Judith

  1705. Thank you Stephen. Having just spent two days with you and now watching this video, I realize just how much was being left out of the equation from my other “mentors”. I am blessed the day my friend told me for the umphteenth time to take a look at your stuff… and just in time for the Ultra team launch!

    You are the real deal!

  1706. Similar thing happened with the release of Butterfly Marketing. They eventually opened it up to everyone which is what i’m thinking will happen with 7 figure code. It’s a great way to create excitement as is evident on this blog.

  1707. Hope i can get a copy of the 7 figure code!

  1708. Funny for you Gwen but not for me.

    I have work in 5 hours so fuck it I’m off to bed call it a moral decency not to be fucked around.

    Good luck to the rest of ya if you get a link have a heart and pass it on to


    Good night all!!

    or should I say good morning / afternoon

    Thanks for nothing Mike

    You’re not a man of your word so what does that mean?

  1709. @ Marco: 15 min from now puts it at the public release (2PM EST). The early bird link should’ve gone out 50min ago.

    Anyways…early bird link or not. I’m just thankful to be be able to get a $1,500 product at S&H price!! There could be a major delay due to so many emails going out at once via his autoresponder!

    Good luck everyone!

  1710. Thank you for the free download. It’s really great to see that some people still have the Christmas spirit of giving. I wish that I knew of you guys earlier and had been making a lot of money sooner.
    You look sharp with your new hairstyle. Cool.

  1711. I registered and watched this is awesome. I’m waiting for an early bird email also.

  1712. Outstanding presentation, direction and advice.

  1713. It’s almost 2pm est. what is going on.

  1714. Stephen,
    Your content and style are very captivating. I am looking forward to being one of the lucky 10,000.
    Still have not received the email with the link.

  1715. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria and I am excited, but I am also scared shitless because I signed up late Saturday night and then boarded a train from Lviv, Ukraine, to Sofia. Well, there were complications and I didn’t arrive until just a little while ago, thus I did not have an opportunity to repsond to the required sign-in. I am hoping to make it though, and positive that I will.

  1716. Excited, Excited, Excited

  1717. Mike.. you said you would be sending out an ealry notice (1 hour head start) to those that registered. I haven’t getten any notice as of yet (1:45PM) Eastern

  1718. I am just learning about this stuff & it is intriguing!

  1719. Looking forward to you offer and presentation.

  1720. Still Waiting…

  1721. Reading the comments it looks like something isn’t right. On Stephan Pierces’ site he says shipping is $15.99, still a deal but not the $7.00 to $12.00 Mike said shipping would be. It’s really a moot point since I’ve only $6.53 in my account until the 3rd of Jan. Disability sucks, but this financial situation is only Temporary, like everything else in life. Thanks anyhow Guys I hope all the confusion will be defused soon. Happy Holidays to EveryOne. Love & Light Damian DaLight AKA Damian Harvest

  1722. I’ve been by my computer for two hours waiting for the early bird email and it hasn’t come….Is there some reason for the delay? Did you decide not to send out the email?

  1723. @Garry
    Woah. Chill out man. Just wait around a bit longer. I certainly would be sacrificing some sleep if it meant getting a $1297 course for nothing.

  1724. Hi Mike i am going to work now i waited from 6am NZ time,i somise somthing went wrong Norman Kennedy

  1725. Help!
    VERY Excited about this MAGNIFICENTLY
    GENEROUS Giveaway.

    I’m Signed up for Early Bird Link –
    –BUT YIKES! It hasn’t arrived an I”ve
    been GLUED :-) To my computer since
    before it was to arrive and NOW it’s almost
    2;00 PM.

    Hope I’m NOT getting “GLITCHED OUT ”

    Alan W.. Schmidt

  1726. Head’s up email… LOL…getting worked up I guess. I want to be making money in 90 days and swore to myself I would do everything I was told for that period.

  1727. For anyone reading this blog that has not downloaded Stephen Pierce’s “Make Real Money On The Internet” you are truly missing out. Man, this guy just keeps giving his stuff away for free!!! How awesome is that!

    I found the book download available at http://www.MakeRealMoneyOnTheInternetBook.com

    You can find it in print for the cost of the shipping by googling his name, but you can just download it for free off that site!

  1728. See you in a few minutes.

  1729. Thanks for all of your insight and guidence over the last two years.
    You will be missed in the “Guru” arena!

  1730. About 5 min for server cron to catch up.

    Is everbody excited?

  1731. Has anyone received the early bird link yet?

  1732. waiting for the email. Did i get the time right?

  1733. That was an awesome Video Presentation Mike.

    Thanks very much.

  1734. Hi Mike,

    Excited to get your gift.

    Best Wished for your future endeavors.


  1735. still waitong for the early bird email at 1:59

  1736. It was a great presentation!! I learned a lot. Stephen is a dynamic speaker and talks in terms you can understand.

  1737. great video

  1738. Thanks for this great opportunity to gain knowledge for a master

  1739. Hi mike,

    That was an awesome Vedio presentation.

  1740. Please !!! I want this special .
    Lowell Koppert

  1741. Still waiting for the early bird mail at 2:01

  1742. It’s just after 2:00pm on Dec 15th, hope I’m at the right location. Loking forward to what I heard.

  1743. Thank you both so much. I feel as if I’m finally understanding what business is all about.

    I can’t wait to see the program.

    Thank you, and bless you for your generosity.

  1744. Things happen. I’m sure it will be delivered as promised and will be worth the wait. sometimes life gets in the way!

  1745. I’m going crazy! I’ve been sitting and waiting for the early bird link for 2 over hours now, and because of the time difference, its 3 am in the morning here! What was the point of telling people about the early bird link if its already 2pm and nothing has been released???!!

  1746. Great stuff!!!
    Keep it up. thanks.
    clarence sweet

  1747. Ready and waiting to get a copy.
    The video was awesome – thank you for making it available. Can’t wait to get started on a better road to success.
    May I wish you all the very best as you move on to greater challenges.

  1748. Hi Mike

    I would love to have your 7 figure code course, as I feel it is the best course that I have seen around and truly believe that your course will help me in my business

    I would recommend you to everyone I know


  1749. No email or web sign up here either. Must be trouble.

  1750. Hi Mike
    It’s The Great performance for 7 Figure Code course.
    Thanks once again

  1751. IT IS LIVE

  1752. ITS LIVE
    GO GO GO

  1753. Great Presentation, thanks

  1754. hmmm… I was SUPPOSED to be on the EarlyBird list.

    I recvd the 1st messg to watch for another message at around noon EST. It is now 2PM and so far I’ve not recvd anything …

  1755. Well its now 2 pm eastern and still nothing……hmm wonder what happen. Its not like him to leave 12 thousand people hanging like this knowing its in the middle of the day and people are working etc.

    just sucks! Save me a copy:)

  1756. Stephen, if I can pay Damien’s on Christmas EVe, I will do so. I just went back to work full time myself. Just hurry up so I can get mine!


  1757. By the way, DUSHAN, it is Bob Dylan who wrote the song you are referring to here and Jimi Hendrix used it and it went like this ‘There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke… but you and I we’ve been through that and this is not our phase so let us stop talking falsely now. The hour is getting late…’ Off I go!

  1758. I hate it when they tell you they’re going to do something and then don’t follow through.
    No, there was no early bird email sent out.
    now it’s time for the giveaway, and where is it?

  1759. not really

  1760. It’s 2:07 EST and my link in the early bird eMail wasn’t there. Is there a giveaway going on someplace? No update eMail at 2PM.

  1761. So, what this a scam or what? I never received the early bird email.

  1762. looking forward to it :)

  1763. No email or any other kind of notification, and it is 2:05 PM ET

  1764. Its 1pm cst My inbox is empty, im sweating mike. Im glued to my pc : )

  1765. Hi Mike

    Martin Jelley here again from New Zealand. It is 8.00am on Wednesday 16 down here and unfortunatley I am going to have to go to an appointment.

    It is obviously disappointing to miss out on this wonderful opportunity but I wanted to write and thank you for your incredible generosity to those 10,000 very lucky people.

    It is an unbelievable act of giving.

    Kind regards


  1766. Hello,

    Here it is 2:04 PM on Dec. 15 and I can’t wait.


  1767. Hi Mike, Stephen

    Thank you very much for this info. I know this is just what I needed to take my business to the next level. I can learn a lot from this especially as marketing is my passion.

    Thanks again


  1768. HI,
    Been waiting on “pins & needles” :-)
    for the EARLY BIRD link — BUT —
    “this bird ” NEVER arrived.

    Have to take MOM to her CArdiologist
    really soon so I’m REALLY HOPING
    it arrives before I HAVE to leave.

    God Bless

    Alan W> Schmidt

  1769. Well I am a few hours ahead of your guys – UK !
    So I am off to Salsa !!!!
    I tried :)

  1770. STILL WAITING……………

  1771. Thanks Mike,

    You’re the best!


  1772. Nice.

  1773. Wow. This is straight torture. lol

  1774. No email yet?

  1775. great presentation

  1776. Have I got the right time – we at 2pm now – can’t wait to get my copy!

  1777. huh?? This isn’t the offer that was mentioned was it? $97 with free shipping? It is an upgrade to the physical product with DVD’s…

  1778. @Christine Hiebel Thanks for that link – just downloaded Steven’s ebook to learn more about Steven’s strategies.

    Still waiting… ..

  1779. Steven is always right on the mark, and I can’t wait for the contents of the offer as well. Thanks!

    Richard Houser

  1780. Let’s do it.. Thank you!

  1781. hey mike wheres the free course link? Its 2:00 pm on 12.15.09 but no link. Also there was no earlybird link as promised what gives? If this is a true free offer than great I’m excited. I just hope it is real and not a scam of some sort.

  1782. They told me I had to be crazy to enter into this business – Mike is proving that must be true! Looking forward to receiving the program.

  1783. Can’t wait, I want I want. I got the Butterfly Marketing package for $29.95 and it was worth it. What a DEAL. Please Soon.

    Thomas Shay

  1784. Hope you run some of those”Technology” websites better than this for everybodys sake!

    Still waiting for the link.

  1785. Wow what amazing teaching. I can learn so much from this. Looking forward to more videas.

  1786. Many,many thanks, Mike, for always being so ready to point us in the right direction.

  1787. Great presentation. Looking forward to the home study course. Of course, I have yet to get notification….

  1788. i think this is another oops sorry system froze and you missed out but you can still buy it at the normal price screwed again

  1789. I responded and waited for notification to order and nothing came. I have sent another message and I really want this info because I could not afford the seminar or butterfly marketing and thought I missed my opportunity. Please forward the notification.

  1790. Thanks for sharing of your self . We newbees need all the advice we can get. It takes people helping people to get things done that is good for all.


  1791. I don’t know Mike personally, but from what I’ve seen of him in the last 2 years, I’m pretty sure they hit a technical problem and I can’t imagine Mike denying the product to anyone because HE had a technical problem. More likely than not, everyone will get it, just like for BFM last Spring.
    Who could blame people for going to bed/work because the rendez-vous is over 2 hours late?
    I’m sure we’ll all get it. Mike wouldn’t be his old self otherwise, I think.


  1792. He there,

    Great video…. I am just getting started in online marketing and would love to get a copy of the free offer of the 7figurecode. I was unavailable yesterday, the day of the give-away…. Is there any way to get a copy of the material, or is it tooooooo late.

    Thanks Fredd

  1793. Come on Mike, you stated that you were giving away the 1297.00 full course for free, and now you are charing 97.00 for it but of course allowing the shipping to be free.

    You are misleading the public.

    And to offer the first 10,000.00 for free and have that only be a small portion of the actually course you mentioned. Is low.. Hopefully, I am not understanding or I have lost something in the communication.

    Because, I know, you are a man of your word!

  1794. Hey Mike Love the video and can’t wait for the site to go live.


  1795. Hi mike,

    That was an awesome Video presentation.
    Thank you for making it available.

  1796. Not sure how to claim the product. It’s 2:10 EST… Not sure what to do next

  1797. Stephen Pierce is awesome, very knowledgeable…
    Like a skilled surgeon he disects and explains
    Key elements of online marketing success.

    Bert LLamas

  1798. Brenda said:

    i think this is another oops sorry system froze and you missed out but you can still buy it at the normal price screwed again

    Mike won’t do that. He didn’t do that with BFM which was a $3,000 value.
    He wouldn’t be the guru he is if he screwed people like that. Word of mouth would’ve killed him long before today.

    Just be positive, it’ll happen.


  1799. Got to rush my baby to the hospital… Please email me the course.. Please…. dreenalovisky@yahoo.com or just contact me there.

  1800. Mike, Stephen,

    You have been so instrumental in my business and I’m so thrilled to be on the list for this release – …

    BTW… what happened to it? Im on Mountain Time and every time marker has come and gone so far… 10am, 11am, 12pm…

    No matter what – I look forward to the day when I shake hands with you!
    Best in your new business direction,
    Leanne Lasky

  1801. This was a great Presentation and an even better offer!

  1802. Am I seeing above that some people are actually getting this thing? I have NOTgotten an Early Bird link or follow-up eMail as promised. What gives? It’s 2:19 EST. How do I get in?

  1803. Very frustrated to not get the “early Bird Notice”, and to have the time changed from 2PM to 12PM EST!

    ..not a happy camper at the moment!

  1804. @Marco

    I tell you what email when you get it and send it to me

    and I’ll send you half the money you paid for the S&H costs

    How’s that?

    I’m off to bed mate

    Good luck everyone!

  1805. maybe he meant Central time…messages here seem to be on that time zone

  1806. I have been waiting with high hopes…I’ll need to leave soon to pick up my son from school….good luck to everyone!

  1807. Did I miss the “Private Early Bird Access Page”? Not in my email or junk mail….what gives? Thank you. Dean

  1808. how do I sign up for the 7figure

  1809. still waiting for that early bird email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1810. Where is the page for the free course?

  1811. Dude the link has been in the header the whole damn time lol!

  1812. @Kieran You are welcome… just passing on the good stuff… for anyone wanting Stephen Pierce’s “Make Real Money On the Internet” I found a free download site.


    Still waiting!!! anyone in yet?

  1813. WOW I’ve just got it now check your inbox everyone!!!

  1814. Where is the link that I keep getting email about for the free DVDs, paying only the shipping?

    The early bird email shows this page. And the release email at 2PM shows this page in the links.

    I have watched the whole, wonderful, video thinking the link was it there.

    Alas, I guess I’m not one of the lucky ones who got the sales link.

  1815. Great presentation.

    I have been struggling to get my full time IM effort to start generating money.

    I could certainly use the information in your 7 Figure Code and Stephen’s cd.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  1816. it’s 2:10pm … I still haven’t gotten my “early bird notice” with instructions on how to be one of the first 10,000

  1817. I didn’t receive the “Early Bird” page either..? Thank you anyway!

  1818. We should launch an internet-wide search: Where is Mike?


  1819. Still haven’t gotten the early bird link. Looking forward to the product, but can’t wait much longer.

  1820. Dear Mike, I showed up at 2.00 PM EST and did not find your link for getting your 7 Figure Code book. Where is it?
    Expecting. Dante

  1821. Still in a holding pattern. Just opened up numerous windows as I work so I may watch the blog and email.

    Looking forward to receiving the link!

  1822. Thanks a million Mike!!!

  1823. so the time keeps changing. I dutifully did all the things I was asked to …and… no link, no sign of anything I can find on the website, I checked it out at 12 pm, but nothing was there that I could see, so I am back and still nothing. Lame.

  1824. Got it. The Early Bird email. Hope the site doesn’t crash!

  1825. Obviously a glitch in the automation system…no email at 1:00 PM EST as promised – and no access at 2:00 PM EST.

    Anyone know anything about what’s happening?

  1826. What a great marketing tactic – we’re all here writing comments, waiting on pins and needles, with baited breath. Whether intentional or now, there’s something to be said for the suspense and excitement and anticipation that’s building!
    Now all we have to do is figure out what this looks like in our world! May you use the energy that’s building within you to tap into how you can create this kind of anticipation and excitement with your prospects!
    The Energizer Bonnie

  1827. Just got the email, and bough it!

    Thanks, Mike!

    Looking forward to learning a lot.




  1828. Looking for the link for the early bird, never got it

  1829. This is fascinating stuff! It makes sense to me, but I need a home study course that makes it simple.

    Concepts I understand, but the steps and all the pieces that need to be put into place are complicated to me.

    Steve is a great speaker, and I hope to be able to learn to just how to put the concepts he talks about into play, on the scale of MY business efforts.



  1830. Hi Everyone,

    Jesse here… just like to say hi and to commened you guys on another great offer that you guys have put together.

    Also i like to say that im sorry to hear of your loss Of Thomas B please send my condolences to Tom.

    Well i was there at the event The7FigureCode and its cool to see myself in the audience it was one of the best that i have been at.

    Lately i have had some heath issues and for 2 years have kind of put my Internet marketing business on the side lines due to my illness and now i have started to get back into the groove so to speak and go back to where it started




  1831. The sales video is at http://the7figurecode.com/10000free

    Not exactly what you may have expected.

    Good luck!

  1832. Go to mikes website where you signed up ASAP. I just got in there.

  1833. Can someone send the link that has gotten the email? I would appreciate it muchly… I have not received mine yet

  1834. great video you have there, Thanks

  1835. well its now 2.20 eastern. 7.20 in the UK and i have seen nothing!


  1836. This one marketing video alone is well worth the effort!

    Thanks for the opportunity

  1837. Man, that was a pain, LOL. I guess I have too much caffeine and kept screwing up the form. Since I only got ONE receipt, I trust I only ordered one copy.


  1838. sounds good

  1839. OK, got it. Thanks

    Not quite what I expected!

  1840. Everybody needs to take a “Chill Pill (drink or whatever).

    Mike is a man of “integrity”… everything will be OK!

    Last time ‘Butterfly Mrktng’ had an ordering glitch… and Mike went ahead and had extra copies made and then made the same offer and even made it a larger ‘giveaway’ because of the ‘goof’!

    He stated that this one would be “FREE” + S/H – he also said the S/H would be even less than the S/H that was on the previuous ‘Butterfly Mrktng’ giveaway) depending on your location, etc.)

    Give them a break… we’ll hear something.

    Thanks again Mike for the opportunjity to learn from the ‘masters’!

    Robert Kaemerer

    Walk away from the 97% crowd. Don’t use their excuses.
    Take charge of your own life.
    - Jim Rohn

  1841. I am a new and very enthused fan of both Stephen and Mike. I have been searching for a beacon in this IM fog. They both shine bright, especially in the middle of the night when I have quite time. This opportunity seemed to be the answer to my prayers….I have ordered, read and have acted on what I can afford for now and will keep my dreams alive! Unfortunately, I’ll have to sign off now because I need to pick up my son from school — meanwhile, my other child is destroying my house because I am not paying attention to him! : O Best wishes to all!

  1842. Well, I finally received a link to the offer, in fact I got several. All offered one of the 10,000 copies of a $297 version for the shipping, and then at the bottom offered one of only 100 of the $1297 versions for $97 extra. And every link wanted to sign me up for extra’s that have a monthly fee attached. Seems like the offer is not what was advertised. I am truly disappointed as this goes to character and there seems to be a flaw.

  1843. Disappointed that i wasd unable to pay the shipping via PayPal as it is the only online payment method i have. I therefore have to miss out on this fantastic offer.

  1844. Hi ,

    Thank you very much.
    You understand that we have
    a need for knowledge to be
    successful and any kind of
    good knowledge will help us
    reach our goals.

    Thank you for this gift.

    Claude Decelles

  1845. I also was sitting at my computer at noon waiting for the Early Bird link to appear. It has not. In fact it is now 2:21 and no link at all has arrived. What should have been a slam dunk has become an another one bites the dust unless this fellow can allow those of us who got left out of the loop an opportunity to cash in.

  1846. http://The7FigureCode.com/10000Free/earlybird.php

  1847. one on they header is a pay page link..and.also sends info on the other software

  1848. Where is the free gift that you mention?


  1850. It’s really sad to see yet another “Lead In” to selling something, in this case a monthly subscription, based upon someone saying there are no catches to a FREE offer.

    If you really want some Free advice on moving forward with you life checkout this link on this post.

    My best to all of you that were hoping for some honesty here.

  1851. The real deal will come later on today. “We made a mistake” The marketer who can setup servers to deliver on big launches and rent them out special would make a killing.

  1852. Got one.

  1853. Just goes to show you “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” — Zig Zigler

  1854. This is one hell of a X-mas gift – and I’m Jewish! hahahaha

  1855. Well, I got the early bird link, but it is not taking the Country tab in, or doing anything when I click to place the order…obviously busy lines…

  1856. Dude, the 7 Figure Code is FREE but $1,297 in shipping!

  1857. Just like the other people who waited at 12 noon to get the program and be the first on line, you never showed up, even after 1 oclock-now you are here-so what is the price to get this program-I’m interested-you said only shipping and handling, so where do I sign up
    Charles Garber

  1858. I wrote eager to get my copy and furbish my info but got disappointed to find that it wasn’t the Free proposal advertise but a subscription and a reduce price. More than what I anticipate putting forward from the advertising suggestion.

    Claude Decelles

  1859. I received the link, all available as outlined in emails.

    Thanks Mike.


  1860. great stuff

  1861. Whats the difference btw the 7figure code (HSC) and the 7figure secrets (printed version)? Anyone? Its seems if we order we get the 7figure secrets version, not the HSC of the 7figure code…am i missing something here?

  1862. You guys are great and have a lot of good stuff to offer. It is the pay it forward philosophy. God gives everything we have in life even the experiences to learn and grow. Like He says if you gain the whole world and lose your soul, then what do you have? Our journey here is a grain of sand and eternity is like all the sand in the world.

    If I get your course, I will use the knowledge to help as many
    people in this world who are struggling through this life to make the changes they need to build better lives. That will be my way of paying it forward. I have been there, living in poverty most of it. Our thoughts and actions make our lives
    and now is a time to change the way we think and act.

  1863. Hello, I tried the link with no success. I still want to be successful in this market. Telling me everything is great is wonderful but i want to know the true nuts and bolts without an arm and leg.

  1864. So good!!!. Congratulations!!!

    Thank you!

  1865. Well, I do know that Stephen Pierce is a man of honor and integrity anyways…

    I shared above that I found his “Make Real Money On the Internet” Book available for download for FREE…. really for free, no shipping and handling on a streaming product! LOL (really Mike)


    Thanks all for the company while we waited! It was kinda fun… although I could have been accomplishing something!!!

  1866. Anyone who ordered make sure you cancel your credit card there will be unforseen charges on your card but you will not see it until your get your bill be fore worned

  1867. Thanks Omar and Mike.

    Have a great week my friends :) If the world would be perfect then there wont be any S&H Charges ….But??

    So Deal with it!

    Enjoy your 7FC Gang! :) God_bless you

  1868. Just got this email:

    If you cover shipping and handling then you’ll get 16 DVDS of content from a $1297.00 course for free.

    Do his affiliates realize that it is not free?

  1869. I am looking forward to receiving your course. Thank you for helping people like me who wants to improve their lives, especially financially. With your help, I can do it! Thank you and God bless you for what you do.

  1870. interesting!
    i have never made any income with Mike’s programs,
    as you can see from this note i am good for one more go at it.

    will smith

  1871. I can tell you one thing for sure… The video with Stephen Pierce was the worth the ride.

    I believe that these guys (mike and Tom) know the secret to selling more stuff is to give away the BEST for free… make them want more and they will buy buy buy. The call it “moving the free line”

    I have recently spent some time with Stephen Pierce, he is the real deal and no need to get caught up with all the phony tricks of others.

    Christine posed a site to get his book for free. GET IT. On the thank you page is a place to also have access to his training for 30 days. I think it is a dollar. Take advantage of that too cause this guy is so smart. He has figured out stuff and gives it to you in easy ways to understand.

    The bright side of this launch is Stephen Pierce.

    Here is the link Christine posted:

    @Kieran You are welcome… just passing on the good stuff… for anyone wanting Stephen Pierce’s “Make Real Money On the Internet” I found a free download site.


  1872. Thanks for ur program,

  1873. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your generosity. Finally, people like me who are looking for a way to make a change found you. Through you, we can do it. Yeah! Much thanks and God bless you for what you are doing.

  1874. Hi,

    I’ve not (courtesy of my dynamic health) managed to get through the whole video yet but from what I saw you have given a fantastic structure to the sales process which much to my suprise is something that could be equally valuable outside of internet marketing.

    On the downside, I have had a bad experience with the ordering system and I now wish that I’d ignored all the emails on this event.

    Despite that, I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Wild New Year.

    Mike Finlayson

  1875. And I will twitter it.

  1876. What does all of this tell me? (Did you all read the small print)?
    Scary stuff to say the least. Does anyone bother to read all of this? I do. Even the website is ’spooky’ as the name you suggest we use “my affiliate.com” almost proves that any monies we could possibly make from it would go elsewhere, anywhere… I am so disappointed that I have no words to express myself anymore and feel like absolutely giving up on any offer ever coming my way again and unsubscribing from what little bit I have left. I really wanted to believe that there was someone left to be trusted out there but it was wishful thinking. Sorry everyone if prior comments and my genuine enthusiasm wrongly influenced anyone. After reading all of the small print, I must admit that I was wrong! in thinking that all this was actually going to be the real thing that was truly going to get me going with a veritable and reliable source. Sorry guys, I’m out! as it ended up being nothing more than the same old ‘trap’ at our own peril and detriment. Did you see how out of the three options to buy the best deal, the other two are ‘invisible’ or next best thing to the point where even if you click on them, you can’t see what it is you are getting. What a deceiving manner of doing business! After having so much hope in this high and mighty promise, It leaves me literally feeling ’sick’. Sorry Stephen, your course in itself was a good thing but like all other offers (to good to be true) it leaves me with nothing more than a bad taste in my mouth.

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  1877. I’m getting a little confused as to the price of this
    program. Also, I thought I had already signed up
    to get in before the 10,000 are gone.

    Is it $19.95? Is there shipping? Does my card get
    billed in 14 days? And what will the monthly charge
    be on an ongoing basis? I really didn’t understand
    the video I viewed a few days ago; but realize there’s
    money to be made online. I’ve been using the computer since 1979 and it seems as though whenever I respond positively and send money,
    the end turns out to be unhappy.

    I would like an answer to the questions I posed as
    soon as possible.

    Many thanks……..Paula Anding

  1878. If this video is a preview of what we will get in the product then this will revolutionize the way I do my business. I am so excited!!

  1879. I took my time listening, re-listening and re-listening. This was a great presentation. I’m truly appreciative that you have presented this opportunity to us. Thank you Mike and Stephen.

    There was so much I learned, and also so much that this lecture re-enforced in me. especially at the end where Stephen said “Success is a process, embrace it and enjoy it.”

    Thank you and God Bless

  1880. I have been waiting all day for the link. At last it came. A lot of sales hype and why not. Waiting to get the videos

  1881. The best part of this launch was being exposed to Stephen Pierce. Thank you Christine for the info. I just downloaded Stephen Pierce’s free book. I also did the 30 day training with him for the dollar. He’s got a live webinar tomorrow, Can’t wait! Here is the link Christine posted.

  1882. Great video, very informative.

  1883. The video was off the chain..I have a sales background and yet I can see some basic teaching but with a twist and clarity that anchor a person for success. The value proposition map was clicking big time. Thanks to Stephen and Mike

  1884. What a great eye opener and motivational seminar for anyone having or thinking of starting a web based business. Great tools.

    Thank you very much. This might be just what I needed to go ahead.

    Sincerely NM

  1885. Happy to say I signed up for my copy.

  1886. Your free webinar was teriffic. I am so excited about using the content to make money. I am a newbie to this business, but your speaker was so invigorating, I just can’t wait to get started.

  1887. I cannot believe I will be in class when you go online. I can only hope my chance to obtain a copy is still available. I have been dreaming of this program since you first offered the course. I have been using the “Law of Attraction” to bring one of the copies to me. Let’s see if it works. I really do believe.

  1888. It is so funny reading this blog. You get a $5000 seminar that was a 1297 product for 15.99. What a deal. The continuity programs that he did offer were a bargain. This is not a scam. He does give you access to the entire DVD’s worth of material. The information that is contained within is what is important.

  1889. I just phoned my Visa account and they said that there is a pending charge for $7.99 from “MIKEFILSAIME.COM, INC.” But she also said that sometimes a merchant will put a hold for one amount and then when the final charge comes through it is for another amount. I will watch this very closely. I can’t believe I got suckered in for even that amount. I’m really disappointed in Jason Moffatt who referred me and assured me in his e-mail:

    “from Jason Moffatt
    date Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 9:00 AM
    subject I paid $500. You get free.

    However, Mike is going to give it to you for nothing. And, there

    1. No forced continuity.
    2. No forced continuity.
    3. No forced continuity.

    … I personally have this product and paid for it. In a couple days, Mike will flat out give it to you. From there, you can decide if you’d like to receive anything additional from Mike.

    Grab your copy here…

    Jason Moffatt”

  1890. It’s amazing to know about this online tool for developing my MLM business. I’m willing to give a try.

    Thanks for this great sharing!


  1891. That’s not the point Will. The point is people have been told one thing, waited hours to get it, only to find out it wasn’t what they had been told.

    I cannot use streaming videos. I cannot spend $97. If I had known in advance it would be $97, maybe I could have borrowed, but now it’s too late. I already have the MDC and the 7 Figure Secret spiralbound book.

    Bottom line: I wasted my time and my trust in Mike has been crushed.

    That’s the point.

    Basic long-term sales/relationship principles have been baffled here.

  1892. Really, I’m not surprised that is what i have been expected *NEW SCAM* from the online world. There is nothing absolutely free in this world. But what bothers me is the lies and dishonesty to achieve personal goals at the expense of others.


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    Rule number one for a sucessful business. Be honest!

    Los que engañan no ganan.

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    For those of you that are interested in the free book


    I really like Stephen… great value!

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    That, is in a way true. But you will get them online, and not sent to you. 20 bucks Shipping and Handling seems rather steep for something that you access online.

    I´d be happy to pay for online access, marketed as such. Not happy paying for something that was advertised as something else.

    Hope a few of you get to read this before it is deleted.

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  1899. Data is like food. A good meal is served in reasonably-sized portions from several food groups.

    True productivity comes from being passionate about what you do and leveraging the power of focus.

    Change must always be balanced with some degree of consistency.

    Patience is a virtue and many people have a very big problem with how to develop patience.

    Loved the video it was awesome!!!

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    There was indicated a s&h charge in the original sales pitch so it was never going to be totally free.
    I still think it is great value and will purchase.

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    Video said $7-$12
    Website stated US and Canada $15.99, all others add $4
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    Your credit card will be charged 23.99
    for the shipping and handling of your
    “7 Figure Secrets Report”
    (add $4.00 for international orders)

    $12 to $28 is quite a hike!

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    Great, Video on the sales Process. I watched it three times, from 12pm to 2pm. Hooyah!
    However I didn’t see a link to the 7 FIGURE CODE.
    Maybe next time!

    Savvywiz UDT Navy SEALs

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    I watched it three times, from 12pm to 3pm. Hooyah!
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    Savvy UDT Navy SEALS / SWCC

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  1915. Can’t say much, yet except that a reminder of the simple actions to focus on in an entirely complex process is already of value.

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    I am recently widowed and it is tough.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Lucie Marx Titus

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    Thank you guys, I needed that!!:o)

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    I just downloaded a book Stephen is giving away. http://www.makerealmoneyontheinternetbook.com

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    P.S. Merry Christmas!!

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    Thank you for all your vision and passion that just pours out during your speaking and through all your works. I am so much in need of a new direction in my life and know that the 7 figure code will be the answer for my IM business future.

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    I’ve listened three times to Stephen even though I needed to take a pause in the middle – kept me awake wanting more
    Good Luck in your new field keep an eye on the many shamsters who will try to fill the gap you leave and the smirks of the big boys hoping to grow bigger. with your eye watching over perhaps they will all behave
    God Speed, ang thank you for your caring for all us little guys floundering in the shallows
    This would be a wonderful Christmas present the best one of my whole life – better than my first computer my baby amstrad which I got one memorable Christmas

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    * Results not typical. Average Christmas participant experiences 1.39 hours of actual merriment.

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    Thank you Mike for the sneak preview…
    Steven was fabulous and the information
    was priceless.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on your free offer.

    David Naigle

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    Arthur Robinson jr.
    Start where you are & give it everything you got.THat’s what Napoleon hill said.
    Coming soon.http://www.powerfulinterviews.com

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